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Welcome to the Genetic Biome Website. My name is Dr. Cheryl Hanly, D.C. For the last 12 years I have been practicing chiropractic in a small town just north of Raleigh, North Carolina.

Since I was a student at Cleveland Chiropractic College in Kansas City, I have had a passion for nutrition and how deficiencies showed up in the body. The more I learned, the more curious I became.

My curiosity has gone from nutrition to energy healing to essential oils, functional neurology and the microbiome. I have found validation all along the way that there are only 2 things that cause the human body to fail: deficiency and toxicity.

During my studies, I have ventured down many rat holes! None have been so well laid out as when I found “The Interconnected Series”. This series provides real answers for people in layman’s terms about what your doctor is not telling you, all healing begins in the gut.

“The Interconnected Series” is the HOTTEST topic in medical science. It has shown that the microbiome functions as a “missing organ” that interconnects all the others.

The series teaches the difference between Good bugs and Bad Bugs in your gut. You will learn what it means to practice “Gut Forestry” and harness the power to heal from within.

What if you could catch dementia 20 years in advance just by properly feeding the bugs in your gut?

There’s a helpful ecosystem living in your body. Find out how healing your gut can save your life.

Don’t think that just because your primary care physician hasn’t said anything to you about it, that it isn’t real. Your doctor won’t know this life-saving information for another 15 years, if at all.

Make no mistake… discovering how we can care for, feed and nurture our gut and our body’s trillions of microbes is the next frontier of medicine. It points the way to personalized, ‘just for you’ health care that promises to reclaim the health for millions of people in our country.

I am the physician that can help you find the “promised land.” Follow the Gastrointestinal link at the bottom of this page to discover more about how to take control of your digestive health!!!

Watch Episode One of the Interconnected Video Series below.

Episode 1 of the 9 video Interconnected Series

The first of nine episodes from Interconnected, the new documentary series about the microbiome.  Science is now discovering that the trillions of bacteria and viruses in our bodies act like a missing organ that interconnects with all the others.  Many chronic diseases we know of today are touched, fed or initiated by the microbiome.  This is currently the hottest topic in scientific research. Please share this information far and wide.

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